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Decorative Concrete

806 Outdoors offers both residential and light commercial concrete services with an emphasis on precision finish detail and structural integrity. Our services include both traditional and decorative concrete scopes:


Traditional concrete is gray and either concealed or topped with a basic smooth trowel or broom finish. Project types include:

  • Patios and slabs – flat or slightly sloped surfaces that carry low to mid-level loads
  • Driveways – thicker flat or slightly sloped surfaces that carry mid to highly-level loads
  • Sidewalks – narrow, flat or slightly sloped surfaces that carry pedestrian traffic
  • Retaining walls – short vertical walls that restrict and direct soil movement
  • Stem walls – short vertical walls that separate open spaces
  • Concrete removal – saw-cutting and jack hammering that does not compromise the integrity of adjacent structures


Decorative concrete requires advanced finishing techniques that can be combined to create exquisite results. Project types include:

  • Stamped patios – provides the durability of concrete with the aesthetic appeal of wood, tile, stone, and other traditional floor patterns
  • Countertops – polished and sealed, concrete countertops are customized to fit countless shapes and special applications
  • Precast objects – benches, tables, and other objects built off site and then assembled after the components have properly cured
  • Integral color – color additives mixed into the wet concrete that provide consistent color throughout (often combined with other finishing techniques)
  • Stains – surface-applied color that provides visual depth and highlights finishing details
  • Sealers – surface-applied compounds that protect against stains and water infiltration
  • Slip-resistant additives – ideal for wet and/or sloped surfaces

Anybody can mix and pour concrete, right? Just add water and make the top smooth? Wrong! Although it may look plain and simple when it’s finished, the critical details of top-quality concrete work lie in what you can’t see. You’ve seen poor attempts: cracked slabs, separated patios, flaking driveways, and leaning retaining walls and chimneys. What do all of these have in common? The answer is poor preparation and bad installation techniques.

Despite the fact that these concrete failures often look like they’re 30 years old, the sad truth is that many of them occur within the first one or two years (and sometimes within a few short months) after they were initially poured. The contractors who install them either don’t understand the importance of proper preparation and installation, or they cut too many corners in order to be the cheapest guy on the market. Whatever the case may be, the old adage “you get what you pay for” is especially true regarding concrete.

806 Outdoors designs, prepares, and installs every concrete job to last a lifetime. We consider the intended use, weather exposure, and working loads the concrete will sustain, and we consult with structural engineers when particularly demanding loads require unique anchoring or reinforcement. The following is a list of standard conditions 806 Outdoors will consider for every concrete project in order to design a structurally sound product:

  • Subgrade conditions – compaction density and temperature of the underlying soil
  • Integral steel reinforcement – type, size, and spacing to provide tension strength
  • Concrete mixture – consistency and compression strength rating
  • Footer design – thickened edges and perimeter/intersecting beams to prevent movement
  • Slab thickness – the ideal thickness provides necessary strength and reduces waste
  • Control/expansion joints – number, location, and size to manage settling movement

These factors must be considered on every concrete job, regardless of size or location. Additional factors come into play depending upon whether the concrete is traditional or decorative.

806 Outdoors’ highly skilled craftsmen have the experience and qualifications needed to properly install your concrete project. For a free consultation and estimate regarding your traditional or decorative concrete project, click here.

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