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Modern day construction is hell-bent on speed and competition at any cost; what happened to the days when quality was king and contractors were considered craftsmen? At a time when too many companies are getting away with sub-par projects under the guise of “custom,” 806 Outdoors evokes days past when quality, artistry, and longevity were synonymous with construction.


Our team of talented designers, craftsmen, and project managers love what they do and are committed to breaking the stereotype of “that’ll do” construction. You have a specific vision for your home, and we genuinely want to help you see that vision come to fruition! Our desire to build an outdoor living space that you love has set 806 Outdoors apart as the most favored landscape construction firm in the Texas Panhandle. We uphold this reputation by using our 35 years of experience to provide a level of customer service, craftsmanship, follow through, and professionalism that can’t be matched within our industry.

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